Friday, 2 December 2016

My experience of music in Liverpool so far and Xander and The Peace Pirates

Since being in Liverpool I have been introduced to a whole new music scene and so far I am loving it! I have been able to interview Liverpool bands such as Idle Frets and Xander and The Peace Pirates for LSRadio and also been to a whole array of gigs such as Heaven 17, Ministry of Sound and many more that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to if it wasn't for being at University in Liverpool and being part of LSRadio. One band in particular that I have been introduced to and emerged in is the guitar band Xander and The Peace Pirates.

(Here I am joined by two members of the band Idle Frets)

I had the pleasure of interviewing these talanted lads for LSRadio a few weeks before their album launch show at The Cavern Club. I spoke to Keith who plays the guitar and lead vocals, Stu who plays guitar and Mike who plays slide guitar and co-produced the album. The band spoke to me about their album '11:11' (which was released on the 11/11/2016), about the early days of their band and what spiralled them to be where they are now, as well as speaking about some of the inspiration behind their music and their musical influences. 

(A photo taken during my interview with Xander and The Peace Pirates)

Keith stated that the main inspiration behind the creation of the album was to become 'more conscious of our actions' and to 'become more balanced'. Keith went on to say musically they are are inspired by lots of American music such as Derek Trucks, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Doyle Bramhall, Stevie Ray Vaughn etc. But what I really got from the interview was the band's aim to challenge the idea of war and peace through their music. Keith and Stu both talked passionately about how peace is something you find within yourself rather than on a battlefield. This message stood out to me the most and is really shown best through their music; especially the track titled 'Dancing with the Devil'. 
I look forward to really exploring their new album and following the band through their future ventures.

(Keith Xander during their album launch)

I attended the album launch for Xander and The Peace Pirates, I was one person in a very eagerly awaiting crowd. The band is made up of Keith Xander on vocals and lead guitar, with Stu Xander playing acoustic guitar, Mike Gay on slide guitar, Joel Goldberg on bass and Adam Goldberg on drums. The atmosphere of the Cavern Club showed that the crowd had obviously been waiting anxiously for the release of this album, and that many dedicated fans had all come together to support this Liverpool-based band. It is very obvious that the band is influenced by artists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Stevie Ray Vaughn, mainly through the heavy focus on guitar in their music. Xander and the Peace Pirates were a resident band at the Cavern Club for many years, making it the perfect venue for their album’s launch, The Cavern Club is such an iconic venue in music history. 

(A photo of me with a statue of the iconic John Lennon, outside the Cavern Club)

Xander and the Peace Pirates are set to take Liverpool and the rest of the world by storm. One thing is certain, I can't wait for Xander and The Peace Pirates to return to Liverpool. The same goes for their support act Boston Shakers who mix electronic music with rap to create a very individual and new sound. I also can't wait for more musical adventures in Liverpool, be thats gigs, interviews or reviews. I have had the best few months exploring music in Liverpool and surrounding cities like Manchester. I imagine it can only get better from here onwards.
My review for the Xander and The Peace Pirates album launch at the Cavern Club
My interview with Xander and The Peace Pirates

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