Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Welcome to Liverpool!

The time has come and I have moved city to study English and Communication & Media at The University Of Liverpool. These past few weeks have been full of emotions from excitement and happiness to sadness and heartache - hence why I haven't written to you in a long time. I am excited to start this new chapter of my life and interested in learning new things, having new experiences, opportunities and meeting lots of new people! However I knew that leaving home would be intertwined with deep feelings of sadness, with leaving the most important people in my life back at home: my parents, all my family and friends. It is also a weird feeling knowing that I am completely responsible for myself and have to make every decision on my own judgement. Things such as cooking for myself and doing my own washing as well as making decisions and having way more control over my academic and career path. 

My first day involved moving into my halls of residence, I am living in University accommodation and so far I absolutely love it! I love my flatmates, my room, the area and convenience of it being right in the centre of the University.

I have printed lots of photos (as you can see below) to remind me of friends and family and to make the transition a little easier!

I have gone for a grey and white theme with my room mainly through bedding and accessories.

In terms of Liverpool as a city, I absolutely LOVE it. Liverpool offers so much in terms of culture, shopping, food and so much more. 

I took a visit to Tate Gallery and had a wander round the Albert Docks and generally just explored more of Liverpool.


There are many interesting pieces of art in the Tate. However, I do find it hard to really understand what they represent and the meaning of all of the pieces.
This piece of art was is essentially rubbish in a pile on the floor, which supposedly represents traces of everyday life. However, after having a conversation with my Dad about what I had experienced during my visit to the Tate I realised that to me art should not be as simple as the everyday but is a way of exploring the supernatural and sublime elements of our imaginations and creating something that is completely new and different. Which for me pieces of art made from rubbish or that are simply  conventional items like an unmade bed, are not creating something unimaginable or unique.

I also got a chance to explore the cavern quarter which was very exciting for me being the massive Beatles fan I am. Liverpool is bursting at the seems with history and culture; accordingly being a former culture capital.

I look forward to continuing my journey of music, knowledge, education and in general growing up in this fabulous city that I have already fallen in love with!

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