Friday, 26 August 2016

So ferry 'cross the Mersey and always take me there, the place I love...

So as you may or may not know it was recently A-Level Results day, all across the country A-Level students awaiting to be told their fate; where they will be living and studying for the next 3/4 years of their life. For me it was a day of excitement and celebration, I had worked hard all year and in the end I secured a place at my first choice uni; The University of Liverpool!

Taken in Liverpool during my visit earlier this year

So with a few weeks until I leave to move up North and start the next adventure in my life in the 'The City of Pop', I feel it is only fitting to explore the amazing artists and musical exports originating from Liverpool. Artists include Gerry and the Pacemakers, The La's, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Wombats, Cilla Black and probably most famously The Beatles. 

Me walking across the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing in London

The Sixties was the beginning of the Merseybeat style of music and arguably when the music scene in Liverpool was at its peak. During the Sixties numerous number ones came from Liverpool. Gerry and the Pacemaker's 'How do you do it?' and 'You'll Never Walk Alone' were both number ones in 1963. Whilst 1964 saw The Beatles' hits 'A Hard Days Night' and 'I Feel Fine' reach number one. As well as Cilla Black's 'Anyone who had a heart' (a personal favourite of mine) and 'You're my World'. The Sixties also popularised the Cavern Club, one of the most famous music venues in history. The Cavern club has seen the likes of The Beatles, Cilla Black, Status Quo and Queen. The Cavern Club is an iconic music venue in Liverpool and throughout the world.

''And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make''

Paul McCartney

The Beatles have been one of my favourite bands since the age of about 3; most probably down to the influence of my older brother and Dad. Each of The Beatles' albums brings something brilliant and different, to me no artist will ever be as inventive or revolutionary as The Beatles. The Beatles moved through Skiffle Beat, 50s Rock and Roll, Psychedelic and even fused classical into their music with the help of George Martin. I am eager to discover more about The Beatles whilst living in their hometown and the place their musical career really began.

Moving onto to more modern artists, Liverpool has given us some amazing artists in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. One of my personal favourite bands The Wombats originate from Liverpool, as well as The La's who sing the opening track in one of my favourite movies 'So I married an axe murderer' titled 'There She Goes'. 

Pictures taken during The Wombat's gig in Rock City Nottingham

Music has always been and will continue to be a prominent feature of Liverpudlian culture, there is no argument that some of the worlds most celebrated artists come from Liverpool and the city is the perfect place for someone like me; who is passionate about music, to explore and better yet live!

I look forward to finding out more about Liverpool and the history of music in Liverpool as I start the next chapter of my life in the European Capital of Culture - LIVERPOOL!

(all photos are my own)

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